Holiday Club and Vierumäki Country Club to join forces: Holiday Club will start timeshare sales and construct Villas apartments at Vierumäki.

Holiday Club Resorts Oy and Vierumäki Country Club Oy have entered into a co-operation agreement by which Vierumäki Golf Resort will become a Holiday Club timeshare resort at the beginning of November. In addition, Holiday Club will construct up to 108 high-quality Villas holiday homes at Vierumäki in phases.

The sales and marketing of the Golf Resort timeshares owned by Vierumäki Country Club will be transferred to Holiday Club as of November 2017. At the same time, the name of the timeshare resort will change to Holiday Club Vierumäki Golf Resort. The Golf Resort timeshares are already a part of the international RCI holiday exchange system. With the current change, the resort will join the Points system tailored for Holiday Club by RCI, giving timeshare owners higher point and exchange values for their weeks.

“Holiday Club Vierumäki is a dream resort for golfers and anyone interested in well-being and exercise. This diverse leisure centre with its excellent location is the perfect addition to our resort selection,” says Tapio Anttila, Holiday Club’s director in charge of timeshare and Villas business operations.

“We are very excited to be gaining such a strong brand and competent partner to co-operate with us in the further development of the area. With this agreement, Vierumäki will develop in accordance with our growth strategy and we will be able to offer even more comprehensive customer experiences to exercise and well-being enthusiasts,” says Heikki Hietanen, CEO of Vierumäki Country Club Oy.

Up to 108 luxurious Villas apartments at an excellent location by the golf course

Holiday Club and Vierumäki Country Club have also reached an agreement on the construction of Holiday Club Villas apartments. With this agreement, a considerable set of new, luxurious holiday homes will be constructed by Vierumäki’s Cooke golf course.

The construction of up to 108 apartments is planned for the area. The first construction phase will start in May 2018 and advance sales will be launched at the beginning of 2018. The apartments will be rented in co-operation between Vierumäki Country Club and Holiday Club. Vierumäki Country Club will be in charge of managing and operating the apartments.

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Additional information: Tapio Anttila, Director, Villas and Timeshare Business, Holiday Club Resorts Oy, tel. +358 40 732 3067,

Heikki Hietanen, CEO, Vierumäki Country Club Oy, tel. 010 5777 200,

Holiday Club Resorts Oy is the leading weekly timeshare company in Europe and a significant operator in the fields of holiday housing and tourism. Holiday Club has 32 holiday resorts. It has a total 2,226 holiday homes. Eight of the resorts feature not only holiday homes but also a spa hotel. There are a total of 1,145 hotel rooms. Nine resorts are located outside Finland, in Sweden, on the Costa del Sol in Spain and in the Canary Islands. Holiday Club has 60,000 families as timeshare customers. The main owner of the group is the Indian company Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Limited. Owners also include Holiday Club’s acting management and the Fennia Group.


Vierumäki: Vierumäki Country Club, celebrating its 90th anniversary this year, is the most diverse well-being and leisure centre in Finland. Vierumäki produces high-quality sports and well-being services, supportive accommodation and restaurant services for its customer groups. Vierumäki is situated amidst magnificent nature with lake views, surrounded by 10,000 hectares of wilderness. More than 400,000 customers visit the area annually, and the Vierumäki companies, together with their partners, provide more than 400 jobs.
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