Jaa hyvä lomafiilis kanssamme somessa #holidayclubsalla

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Snow, outdoors, playing, swimming - autumn holiday in the north with kids didn't require much extra. As we did not yet have snow at home, especially our 4yo enjoyed playing outdoors with the snow ☃️ We stayed in Salla which is located in eastern Lapland above Arctic Circle good 900km to the north from Helsinki and some 150km to the east from Rovaniemi. Salla is a large municipality with just some 3500 inhabitants and its slogan "In the middle of (s)nowhere" describes the place pretty well 😁 Coming from rural area myself I kind of feel cosy in the remote places and we did not mind it was off-season with limited services for tourists (one restaurant was open at the ski resort). We got to visit sallareindeerpark and feed reindeer with lichen (kids could have kept doing this probably for hours + our 4yo loved hearing details about the reindeer). We also visited the Hall of Forest exhibition in the main building, it was exciting for kids to see all the stuffed wild animals and birds. There are two grocery stores, a post office (in a shoe shop), tourist info and two restaurants in the village centre of Salla. There was also a modern playground in the centre but we visited another playground next to the sports centre at the Salla ski resort. During our one day road trip to Savukoski, Pelkosenniemi and Kemijärvi we also found a small playground called Öllötyspuisto (öllöttää is a special Finnish verb which is hard to translate, not sure if 'to loll' comes anywhere close) in Savukoski village centre. Savukoski is actually the municipality with Korvatunturi, the "real" home of Joulupukki (Santa Claus), but this fell is very isolated and remotely located some 135km from Savukoski village centre towards the border of Finland and it is not a tourist attraction like the Santa's village in Rovaniemi. Swimming is a must for our kids on holiday so in Salla we went to a spa run by Holiday Club. It was rather small but with amazing views to the skiing slope. We also visited Vesiliikuntakeskus kaukavesi in Kajaani on the way back home (definitely worth recommending with its diverse pools and a water slide!)